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In London, You Can Have A Tantric Erotic Massage.

This sort of massage’s name denotes that its activity is linked to eroticism or the proximity of two persons. Tantra, on the other hand, incorporates Indian techniques for expanding consciousness. Certain activities, rituals, and meditations are used to induce an altered state of consciousness, observe and find something significant, and so on. Tantric massage is also a sexual massage because tantric sex exists in Indian culture.

Erotic Massage Characteristics

Erotic massage is unique in that it serves as a warm-up for both men and women, preparing them for sex. Two people open themselves to each other, perform certain massage techniques, and relax.

The presence of various influence zones is also a feature. Reflexology – the impact on points – is a component of tantric massage. In fact, there are so many of these sites that the entire human body can be considered one erogenous zone. After all, because we can see, hear, and touch any zone with our hands, any zone that a partner can touch can be erogenous.

Finally, a unique element of tantric erotic massage is that it can be performed for hours without resulting in intercourse. A massage might be more intriguing and delightful than the intercourse itself if you have the right knowledge and skills. You can continue in the massage condition for a long time, although the sex itself is the release of the energy that the two “pumped up” during the foreplay.

Techniques of massage

During the massage, light superficial strokes and light kneading methods are employed along the massage lines. When one partner opens up to another, all activities are completed in a specific state. Massage can be done with the hands or on the body. A significant amount of oil is used, and a particularly relaxing and stimulating mixture can also be made. Meditation is a crucial aspect of tantric massage before practicing massage techniques. Breathing techniques are utilized to revitalize during meditation. Meditation allows a person to become more aware of himself, as well as another partner, and to tune in to interactions.

How To Study

You must study tantric massage under the supervision of a professional. Self-application of information received from the Internet is not always successful.

It is preferable to train with a partner as a pair. There is some basic training available. To begin with, as previously said, meditation techniques are taught in order to tune in to a partner. The partners than “recognize” each other through touch. The touching aspects are completed, and then one person massages the other before switching. After that, a couples massage is given. Of course, sex isn’t discussed in the classroom; instead, massage is discussed. You can also study on a live model by yourself. If women are trained, male models are encouraged to participate; it is critical that the criticism comes from someone of the opposite gender.

Even couples who have been together for a long time learn new things about each other during such seminars. It turns out that you can go through a wide range of states, emotions, and experiences. One could say that the couple has entered a new phase in their relationship.

How to Make Your Foreplay More Diverse

Even if you are not educated in tantric massage, you may improve and elevate your sexual relationships. If you want to diversify your foreplay, start with a massage. Some massage elements, such as foot massage, are sufficient. This will put your partner at ease and get you ready for foreplay. All you have to do is iron your partner’s body.