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Selection Of Oil And Advice On London Tantric Massage

The use of essential or base oils to the body is the first step in every massage. Olive (unrefined), soybean, corn, or grapeseed oil are ideal in this situation.

Sunflower oil should not be used. It clogs pores and, as a result, does not allow the skin’s surface to breathe, causing it to become weary rapidly.

You can make your own scented oil for tantric massage for a man (details in the video lesson). It’s only necessary to add a few drops of essential oil to the base oil.

To catch the aroma and avoid making a mistake with the amount, you should understand how to cook oils in small containers.

A fragrant combination for guys (increases a partner’s perception): 2 drops each of ylang-ylang, frankincense, vetiver, and orange essential oils, 4 drops cedar oil, and 8 drops sandalwood oil Add 30 ml of base oil to the resulting mixture.

Suggestions And Advice

It is recommended that you take a bath with a partner before beginning a tantric massage to warm up your body.

Inquire whether your companion is experiencing muscle soreness or a tickling dread. If this is the case, identify the locations and try to avoid them during the massage.

During the massage, keep an eye on your partner’s reactions.

Don’t forget to listen to some soothing music.

Take into account your partner’s preferences.

During the massage, try not to chat. Softly and as tenderly as possible, speak.

Make no insensitive remarks concerning your partner’s physical tightness. Allow your hands to take the place of words. Reference should be made to volatile areas.

The Flow Of Energy

A human, according to tantric beliefs, is an unending flow of energy. For example, Eastern medicine views health as a balanced flow of energy; when this flow becomes stagnant, a person becomes ill.

The seven chakras, which run from the crown of the head to the genitals, are where life energy is concentrated. The energy is unblocked during the tantric massage, resulting in a sense of well-being and increased health.


“Breathing is life,” according to Eastern thinking. The synchronization of partners’ breathing is one of the most crucial responsibilities in tantric massage.


A tantric massage can last anywhere between one and two hours. Time is only determined by the masseur’s and partner’s perceptions.

A session almost invariably leads to a continuation, as previously noted. As a result, tantric massage transforms into physical intimacy, which takes another couple of hours.

Tantric Massage Is Over

Place your right hand on your partner’s forehead and your fingers on the crown of your head after you’re completed. The left hand should be placed on the pelvic region, forming an imagined axis that runs through the body’s center.

The man should then take a deep breath. Explain to your spouse that he should visualize the breath beginning in the pelvic region and gradually rising to the top of his head at this moment.

The exhalation should follow the same pattern as the inhalation. From the crown of the head to the pelvic floor’s egress. The procedure takes between 2 and 5 minutes.

Massage has a tendency to stimulate all of the senses. The hands in the indicated position assist in distributing this energy equally throughout the body.

The skill has been successfully mastered!